Entertainment on board: Sound and movies "a la carte"

Barcelona’s electronic company Medenisa has teamed up with Thomas Edison Europa, a high end sound and video firm specialized in big home projects, to offer exclusive entertainment experiences for yachts.

The big yacht’s electronic specialist in Barcelona, Medenisa, has secured the expertise of a great ally in the domain of high class onboard entertainment: Thomas Edison Europa, a company that supplies and installs the best in the world entertainment, home video, “fine audio” and domotics equipment for luxury homes.

Medenisa and Thomas Edison made public the alliance during a recent gathering in Thomas Edison’s showroom in Mataró (Barcelona). Several members of the marine press and yard or owner’s representatives lived during a two hour tour of the premises the most extraordinary experience of high quality film, surrounding sound and great craftsmanship.

Thomas Edison Showroom is organized in six areas dedicated to the different state of the art technologies that cover hi fi sound, video and film management, video and film experience in different surroundings, and domotics. The firm’s products offer “a la carte” solutions for any requests the clients may produce.

Among the range of products carried by Thomas Edison and Medenisa are high end sound boxes by James Loudspeakers, prepared with their aero spatial aluminium cases to stand any aggression from the marine environment, and ready to be installed in walls or exterior situations.

Also remarkable is the Revox multi room music management and reproduction system, which stores thousands of hours of high quality music which it can distribute to the desired room or space of a yacht. Even more outstanding are the speakers made by Bossendorfer, an Austrian concert piano maker that offers the best and most exclusive sound reproduction in 5 different models: 3 column units, un wall unit and one shelf unit. Bossendorfer speakers are considered by music specialists as real music instruments, and are constructed and finished with the same techniques as their grand pianos.

Also Medenisa and Thomas Edison are prepared to offer to their clients a very careful selection of screens, projectors, plasma screens and glass screens for feature films and home video visualisation, all of them classified for true high definition technology and prepared for the 1080 line resolution that HD carries.

The star of the range of products offered in Thomas Edison’s showroom is the Kaleidescape movie and music storing and management system. Kaleidescape bases its power in a proprietary software and a rack of high capacity fail safe hard disc drives that store audio and video in full size and resolution format, with no compression or loss of quality.

Kaleidescape has full multi room and multi user capacity. This means the entertainment stored by the system can be routed to several rooms and reproduction systems, which can enjoy “a la carte” entertainment with different or the same contents at the same time.

Kaleidescape is also the only film and music storage system that complies with all copyright requirements. Kaleidescape has reached agreements and pays copyright canons to all film and music and film right owners, thus making its storage and reproduction completely legal. The system is managed by a Creston finger sensitive big display which allows the user to scroll through the film, music and home image library with ease. It uses a special very intuitive software which presents the user with a full screen of film titles, images or disc covers. No manual reading or training is necessary to use it.

The Creston sensitive screen can also be used to control the domotic and monitoring services installed onboard: lights, window screens, doors and climate control obey the orders transmitted by the user through it. It is also capable to receive and monitor images from surveillance CCTV and to monitor alarms



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