Equiom Trust Company Limited has re-launched its Yachtsmann website

Equiom Trust Company Limited has re-launched its Yachtsmann website. The new image is part of the creative rebranding of Yachtsmann, Equiom’s market leading superyacht registration and management service.

The new site has not only been completely redesigned but also contains considerable new content and features. The design also reflects the fresh and clean branding style developed by Equiom for its new image introduced in the spring of 2007.

The site is designed to give the user information which is easy to access and interpret, whether they are an existing industry professional, a company or an individual who wishes to know more about one of the world’s fastest growing and most glamorous leisure industries.

Managing Director Sheila Dean explains the reasoning behind the re-launch of the site: “We launched the first Yachtsmann site four years ago at the same time as the Isle of Man introduced the Large Yacht Code, and in those four years the site proved to be not only a valuable communication tool for our services but also a tremendous resource for all those in the industry. It soon became the first port of call for those wanting to find out about all the intricacies of large yacht management, the financial and technical implications, and the benefits of operating from the world renowned jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. In those four years it became one of the most highly trafficked websites in the industry. Technology does not stand still, so when we re-branded Equiom we knew the time was right to redesign and upgrade all of our promotional media, and especially a communication tool as powerful as the Internet. This new site will, I’m sure, continue to be a market leading medium for the industry.”

The site (www.yachtsmann.com) is divided into six main sections: About Equiom, Isle of Man Advantages, Yacht Registration, Yacht Management, Legislation and Authorities and a Library.

The many advantages of the Isle of Man for yacht registration and management are covered in detail. There are links to the main Equiom website which gives extensive information on the benefits of the Isle of Man as an international financial centre, tax and legal information and the corporate services of Equiom. The Yacht Registration and Management sections are segmented into easy to navigate and logical subsections containing a wealth of information on, for example, how to choose a registry, ownership, fees, tax, VAT, legal and administrative services.

One of the most visited sections of the first Yachtsmann website was the library and the new site has developed and expanded this popular section. Included is a document library containing several publications which will be invaluable to those who are entering the industry for the first time or those who are already providing a service and wish to be kept informed? There is a comprehensive boat show and events calendar and a section giving links to other sites which provide services, information and resources to the superyacht world.

Commented Equiom’s Marketing and Internet Manager Mike Dean: “The web is an organic entity; it never rests and is constantly growing and developing. Appreciating this we have designed a site to include innovations in technology, but at the same time making the site accessible and easy to use. For example, in the document library we have several publications in a choice of format; PDF download, E-brochure Flexipage, or plain text in word for speed of opening for those who do not have broadband access. We also have a news section which brings the visitor the latest industry news as well as news on developments at Equiom and the Isle of Man. We will constantly build and improve the site ensuring that it continues to be an invaluable resource portal for this exiting and challenging business.”



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