Equisea successfully presented SeaVision Platform at 2010 Monaco Yacht Show

Equisea successfully presented its “SeaVision Platform” at the Monaco Yacht Show 2010: a groundbreaking combination of online software with dedicated terminals for manager, captain and owner to globally and efficiently manage yachts.

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Equisea Yacht Management has presented the release 1.0.1 of its SeaVision Platform™ a truly innovative yacht management software that was first introduced at the Antibes Yacht Show last April. The feedback for this system that comes with three terminals – one for the manager, one for the captain and even one for the owner – has raised quite some interest and curiosity, generating an incredible feedback from various ends.

Over the last years, Equisea has been busy developing SeaVision Platform™ under the conduct of founder and CEO Pascal Wiscour-Conter, who claims that his wealth of experience in yacht administration and consultancy (in 1992 he incepted the commercial yacht registry in his home country Luxembourg) have served as inspiration.

SeaVision Platform™ was conceived and developed to offer innovative and integrated yacht management toolsfor crewed yachts of any size looking for rationalization, transparency and cost efficiency through a user-friendly, business-oriented yacht and crew management.

The goal is to offer a very simple way of bringing control, clarity and reliability at hands of owners, captains and all professionals preserving their assets. We want to contribute to the evolution of an underserved market, as a response to the challenges and inadequacies we have identified in a market sector I have been active for nearly 20 years. We feel extremely happy with the reactions from all those who saw it, even positively surprised and encouraged by some feedback or specific requests” explains now Monaco-based Pascal.

The demonstrations given during the Monaco Yacht Show 2010 have hinted that SeaVision Platform and Terminals are a high-end, web-based technological application,which could contributeto increase services to an unprecedented level in yachting. The key features of this innovation are global vision, real-time access, online information, mobility and security, bringing clear added-value to all parties involved.

In practice, captains use a touch screen device to input or consult various information and documents, which the manager may then monitor and organize real time, as well as share with other (third) parties involved or even forward onto the owner’s mobile phone. The so-called cloud-computing approach enables to access fully updated information anytime from anywhere. The onshore managers, the captain and the owner see their dedicated information in a most relevant way via their own terminal.

The SeaVision software is composed of several modules that enable to view and manage all data, files, tasks and notes related to any supplier, yacht owning company, ship, charterer, bank account, credit card and cashbox. One can easily handle administrative, technical, legal, charter, financial or accounting information, such as preferred suppliers, incoming funds or payments related to each ship and crew.

The yacht manager can access SeaVision Platform™ from his office computer or laptop through his internet browser after logging in with his personal user ID and password. The “Manager Terminal” starts with a welcome screen that shows at one glance new data that requires attention, the connection status of each yacht (data synchronization), various warnings and alarms, as well as notes or tasks. The built-in task and planning manager allows creating and monitoring various items, for instance maintenance or inspection deadlines, periodical controls or drills, financial or administrative deadlines, etc. The budgeting module enables to create budgets that will then automatically compare with the actual figures entered daily by the managers and the yacht captains.

The tactile device used by the captain is wireless connected with a small onboard server, enabling an online and offline functioning, regardless whether the yacht has internet access or not. Various shortcuts enable an access to the most important pages, notably to input very easily and automatically scan invoices, but also to manage cashboxes (including APA during charter), crew presence and planning. The interactive tactile interface makes the input process fast and extremely simple. This “Captain’s Terminal” can easily and discreetly be installed in any location on the bridge and just requires electricity and internet connection without intrusion into any existing systems on board.

The owner can see the most relevant information regarding his yacht and crew, including position, planning, budget, security, but also receive online queries, such as funding request, payment or charters approval. The system was developed for an optimal use of the resolution and touch screen capabilities of the iPhone, enabling a smooth visualization and command of the application with this device.

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