Erwin Bamps at the Singapore Yacht Show

The SuperYacht Times team spoke to CEO of UAE based shipyard Gulf Craft, Erwin Bamps. Speaking of the brand’s expansion into Southeast Asia, Bamps told us what challenges the Asian superyacht markets face whilst remaining positive that shows like the Singapore Yacht Show will bring about a change in the region when it comes to embracing the yachting lifestyle that is so revered in Europe and the Americas.

Bamps begins by stating that when Gulf Craft first starting doing business in Singapore in 1991, the venue of the Show - One 15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove - was not even built yet. Over the past twenty years, he says that his brand has, “Grown with the market, and the market has been growing with us.”

He continues to praise the show and the marina not just for its rapid development over the past twenty years, but also for the approach to the show not just as an event focusing on yachts, but the lifestyle that comes with yachts - an essential part of transforming the industry in Asia. He says, “What we like about One 15 Marina Club and what we like about this Show is that it is also focused on lifestyle, not just purely a yacht or a superyacht show. We believe this is a success formula of choice for South East Asia. It’s to bring people to boating. I was in a conference this morning and one of the big challenges people still say about the superyacht industry in this part of the world and even globally, is to find a way to attract newcomers into this business. How to attract people to step into yachting.

“Sometimes it is a small circle of people that own boats and continue to draw their friends in, but we want to open it up. We want to make sure that there are more people going out boating, and that has been our company’s philosophy for a long, long time. I always say if you can afford a car, you can definitely afford a boat. That means you have to try and get people out there to enjoy the waters and see the world. I think there are still a lot of potential boaters out here.” at the Singapore Yacht Show

Meet at the Singapore Yacht Show. Both our editorial and sales team will be present in Singapore throughout the event. Pick up a free copy of the brand new edition of our quarterly newspaper, distributed at several spots around the show, meet us for a chat about advertising or media solutions, or simply join us for a drink at the bar. We look forward to meeting you in Singapore.

By Maarten Janssen, Gemma Fottles



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