Espen Øino and Tec Wire to launch line of carbon fibre products

Renowned superyacht designer Espen Øino and leading manufacturer of carbon fibre superyacht products, Tec Wire, are due to unveil a new strategic collaboration for the design of innovative carbon fibre superyacht products at the upcoming METSTRADE 2023.Arjaan Stevens of Tech Wire, Espen Oeino Photo: Yvan Grubski | Espen ØinoEspen Øino’s designs are highly regarded in the world of luxury yachting, and he has created some of the most stunning and innovative superyachts for clients around the world. His designs often combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to create unique and visually striking vessels. 

Tec Wire, with its proven track record in manufacturing high-quality carbon fibre superyacht components, is known for the design and construction of high-quality, durable carbon fibre products using advanced technological capabilities in carbon fibre and stainless-steel manufacturing.Wouter van Gent, Tec Wire, Arjaan Stevens, Tec Wire, Espen Oeino (EOI), Eloy Raas, Tec Wire, Andrea Bonini, Espen Oino InternationalPhoto: Yvan Grubski | Espen ØinoEspen Øino stated; "This partnership with Tec Wire is an exciting opportunity: these are products where engineering excellence, durability, operational functionality, and  striking design must seamlessly converge. Together, we will push boundaries and create unique  products."

Arjaan Stevens of Tec Wire added: "We are honoured to partner with Espen Øino, a legend in the superyacht world. Together, we will shape the future of carbon fibre superyacht products and offer our customers unique and cutting-edge solutions."