Eurocopter is increasingly present in the yacht industry

Eurocopter, the n°1 helicopter manufacturer in the world, is rapidly developing its leading position on the yacht market, where several of its models are proposed as flying tenders for yachts. For its 5th participation at the Monaco Yacht Show, Eurocopter has renewed its partnership with Edmiston, a well-known yacht broker, which is ever more interested in offering to its customers helicopters on board of yachts as a complementary means of transportation.

More and more yachts are being equipped to carry helicopters, which appear to be an extremely convenient, rapid, comfortable and stylish form of transport. It can indeed pick guests up from an airport directly to the yacht, rapidly transport passengers from the yacht to any city or specific place, allowing them to spend more time afloat or do sight seeing in remote areas. The helicopter also offers a greater security if there is a need to urgently evacuate injured or sick people.

Most of Eurocopter’s helicopters can be embarked on yachts. Thanks to its long and renowned experience in the field of naval helicopters, Eurocopter has the knowledge to adequately manage the yacht/helicopter interface. Today, Eurocopter works closely with yacht architects and designers to integrate the helicopter at the very beginning of the yacht's life. To facilitate this cooperation and the relationship with yacht owners, Eurocopter has written a comprehensive guide providing all the necessary elements to implement the yacht/helicopter interface: engineering, current regulations, ancillaries, etc.

The use of helicopters on yachts is facilitated through the creation of more and more service companies offering on request to yacht owners a “turn-key” helicopter including the required logistics and support. Yacht owners can thus choose to possess helicopters either through long-term purchase or short-term lease.

During the Monaco Yacht Show, Eurocopter exhibits an EC130 B4, which are the new 7-8 seat single engine helicopter offering particular qualities of silence, comfort, spaciousness and exceptional visibility. This helicopter displayed on an Edmiston’s yacht (Wind), docked in the Monaco harbour.

In addition, an EC155 B1, the latest Eurocopter 12 seat business model, with a 5 bladed “Spheriflex” main rotor and low noise tail rotor “Fenestron”, operated by Heli Air Monaco will be based at the Monaco Heliport .

Eurocopter is very committed to develop this emerging market and more globally the business/private segment, as it meets an increasing demand from businessmen and VIPs. This clientele is indeed always looking at cutting travel time down to a minimum. Helicopters can play a major role in this quest, whether they are performing alone or as the short leg of the business jet/airplane.

Eurocopter's extensive range of light and medium helicopters can transport from three to ten passengers; from the single-engine EC120 and Ecureuil/AStar family, the light twin-engine AS355NP, the EC135 T2i/P2i, the EC145 up to the top of the range medium twins, the Dauphin AS365 N3 and the EC155 B1. All these helicopters benefit from the latest technological progress that Eurocopter acquired from long years of experience and leadership in the worldwide helicopter market.



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