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Written by Kayla Dowling

With the European summer season right around the corner, picturing yourself on a superyacht voyage around Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and beyond, may now be your ultimate dream. That is, until the nightmare of logistics and stress associated with superyacht excursions, such as management, customs and local regulations, clouds your vision. Because life on a superyacht should always be pleasant, Evolution Yacht Agents are ready to step in and transform all of your dreams to reality.Evolution Yacht AgentsWho are Evolution?
Evolution was established by Directors Beatriz Alonso and Belén Martin in the Balaerics and Barcelona over 10 years ago and provides a full range of in-house superyacht services. After previously taking off in an international direction, they have returned to their Spanish roots to continue to provide local clients with their in-depth services. Co-founder, CEO and Managing Partner, Beatriz Alonso says, “We have a lot of plans for the near future but for now we believe it is time to take care of our home.”

The turn inward has only strengthened the agency's ability to provide services, which span from representing superyachts in Spanish waters to assisting yacht management companies and managing new build projects. Spanish law requires that superyachts above 24-metres must operate with a professional agent. Though it is compulsory, a relationship with a yacht agency should be carefully considered. With hands-on experience, a proven track record and a network that spans across Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal, Evolution is in a unique position to assist you in the Spanish yachting scene.Evolution Yacht AgentsThe desire to serve the Spanish yachting market stems from one of the founding principles of the company, which has blurred the line between providing a service and facilitating the superyacht lifestyle: “Evolution is a lifestyle...there is no other way for it to be. It is with a great deal of pride that we see all of the crew at Evolution living the lifestyle and enjoying it”, says co-founders Beatriz Alonso and Belén Martin. By truly understanding the yachting lifestyle, Evolution recognises you need to go far beneath the surface to create a beautiful experience, filled with memories instead of overwhelming logistics.

A comprehensive, personal approach
Evolution has yacht agents specialised in everything from assisting superyachts arriving in Spanish waters with bureaucratic processes such as customs and VAT exemption to coordinating maintenance and reparation services for your superyacht – and everything in between. By presenting a “don’t ask us what we do, tell us what you need” attitude, the yacht agency is ready to assist, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of Spain from the comfort of your superyacht.

Preparing for arrival
A perfect excursion starts well before arrival. “Customs, Port Authorities, Temporary Importation…these are words that make most yacht crew shudder, and look for someone to help…that is what I live for,” says Beatriz Alonso. Arriving in Spanish waters can pose a bureaucratic challenge, from dealing with Port Authorities, immigration officers and marinas but Evolution is prepared to assist throughout the entire process even before you arrive in Spain. Local regulations and import taxes may cause many unnecessary headaches, but using services such as their expertise in VAT exemption and utilising bonded storage to avoid paying taxes on temporary imports can help to ease these challenges. The agency can also assist in arranging berth registration and bunkering as well as providing support for logistics such as storage services for captains and crew or special requests such as the shipment of technical equipment. In its 10th year of operation, Evolution has developed an unmatched in-depth, local knowledge.Evolution Yacht AgentsAddressing your on board needs 
The inherent luxury of a superyacht requires the finest food and supplies on board. Perhaps you’ve arrived in rocky Gibraltar following a transatlantic journey from the jewel-toned Caribbean. Evolution can coordinate provisions, in partnership with Sabor, or even a Michelin-starred chef, from Kitchens of Spain, so that you can enjoy the finest, local ingredients prepared to the highest gastronomical standards. Interior supplies such as toiletries, cleaning supplies or special guest requirements can also be coordinated to ensure a flawless experience on board. Additional services, from finding the best local restaurants to a helicopter transfer, are also available from Evolution’s yacht agents. With hospitality as a central aspect to a superyacht excursion, Evolution is ready to tackle any logistical process such as providing crew services as well as coordinating deck and engineering needs.

Superyacht projects & beyond
The team at Evolution is prepared to provide you with top-notch service for all of your superyacht needs including repair and maintenance projects, which can feel like navigating a maze with many moving parts. Thanks to their extensive network of local contractors and expert knowledge, Evolution can assist you throughout the maintenance and repair process.Evolution Yacht AgentsA local agent is like extra crew
Managing a superyacht in unfamiliar territory can prove to be stressful. However, working with a yacht agency, like Evolution, that can quickly assist you with anything from specific guest requests to essentials will help to make the experience nothing but smooth sailing. Agents have the advantage of knowing the local port and network inside-out – and will also be fluent in the local language. Rely on local knowledge around the clock when in all Spanish ports as well as Portugal and Gibraltar by contracting Evolution, a yacht agency with a proven track record.

Have you got plans to visit Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar by superyacht? Find out more about Evolution Yacht Agents breadth of services and how they can assist you, via the contact information below.



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