Expansion of Port Adriano well underway

The expansion work on Port Adriano is rolling along as planned. When complete in spring 2010, Port Adriano will have 82 new moorings for vessels between 20 and 60 metres long, becoming one of the Mediterranean’s leading marinas for large vessels.

The construction work began in September 2007 with the first alignment of the dock, and is currently in its second phase. The new dock is envisaged to be complete in May 2009, and the port will be fully operative in spring 2010, once the entrance and new buildings in the commercial and services area have been finished.

Privileged location
Located to the southwest of the Bay of Palma, Port Adriano is ideally positioned for those who wish to explore the Mediterranean, surrounded by areas of matchless beauty, such as Cala Fornells, Port Adriano’s own beach and the magnificent North Coast of Mallorca. Moreover, it is a short 50 miles away from Ibiza. Distanced from the bustle of mass tourism, this spot offers unbeatable conditions for swimmers and anyone who seeks to enjoy the widest range of water activities.

Design by Philippe Starck
The design of the shared and commercial areas was entrusted to the renowned French architect Philippe Starck, who will be working with Rudy Ricciotti to redefine the traditional concept of these types of facilities. Priority will now be placed on the daily life of the port and the people who use it, hiding any vehicles and fences that would otherwise hinder the enjoyment of the landscape. Starck will be joining forces with local architect Juan Morro, who will see that the new facility fits in perfectly with its surrounding environment.

The expansion project
Since its construction in 1992, Port Adriano has positioned itself as one of the most important marina complexes in the Balearic Islands. The new project includes:
• 82 new moorings
• 10,000 m2 of technical space
• 200-ton Travel – Lift
• An expansion of the commercial services area
• A docking and launching ramp for small vessels
• A sailing and diving school

With Port Adriano’s enlargement project, the maintenance service will be extended to boats of up to 40 m in length, whilst the ports of Palma and Barcelona can provide services to boats of over 60 m.

There is no doubt about the excitement and anticipation of the results of this huge project. With nearly a year and a half to go before its opening, many of its new moorings have already been sold and sales continue at a good clip. Once again, this goes to show that the port’s expansion indeed responds to a growing need in the national and international markets amongst the nautical world’s most demanding aficionados.



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