Expedition superyacht Enigma XK in Cape Town

Written by Charl van Rooy

Expedition superyacht Enigma XK in Cape Town

A colourful tale follows the history of the luxury expedition yacht that we know today as Enigma XK. This former patrol vessel was built in 1988 and served as Norna in the British navy’s fisheries division operating in the stormy waters of the North Sea. Once sold to her new owner, McFarlane Ship Design was drafted toenhance the vessel’s exterior by clearing all exterior decks, fitting a large helicopter landing pad, and work around the sloping nature of the existing structure’s decks, and low headroom as a result.Philippe Briand of Vitruvius Yachts completely redesigned Enigma XK’s interior to suit the vessel’s functional nature, finished with a touch of luxury. All refit works were carried out by Atlantic Refit Centre in France which lasted 26 months. The yacht works together with EYOS Expeditions to offer the most of every trip for her charter guests.

Photo by Yaseen Theba



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