5 ways to tell your interior outfitter is an expert

Written by Laura Nicholls

Building a superyacht is a complex and integral process that involves multiple companies working in conjunction to achieve a perfect product. There are many roles and phases involved in the creation of a new superyacht, and the interior outfitter is a multi-purpose integrator who creates the important visible living space of the owner. 

Having won the Best Refit award in 2017, interior designer metrica has continued to build an international reputation and has become a world leader when it comes to designing luxury superyachts. Here, the metrica team gives an insight into what makes an interior designer the best in the business.  metrica interior outfitters construction plan1. Good communication

Coordination and communication are key to securing a smooth engineering and building process. Web-based systems are used to help manage the vast amount of information required throughout the build process. This way, communicating specifications are done accurately, and there is no chance information can be lost via emails or verbal communication.

Aquila in refit 2. Being involved early

In the early stages of the shipyard’s engineering process, the involvement of an outfitter is valuable as their knowledge of technical interior installations and systems can make a difference in the net-space process. Engineering at the shipyard focuses on systems, such as main cable routes on every deck, whereas the interior outfitter focuses on the rooms and layout onboard and will produce workshop drawings for each room to go into production. 

Aquila in refit

3. Managing expectations

Building a perfect superyacht is complex and changes are inevitable, therefore, the management of expectations is important. Changes, however small, that occur in the later stages might have a fundamental impact on the overall engineering and ongoing building process. For example, a 25mm increase in the height of a room might lead to the rearrangement of pipes, cable trays, AC-ducts, or a complete overhaul of interior parts and design. 

Interior outfitters construction shot

4. Use of materials

A vast field of materials is required when outfitting. Not only does the appearance, colour, pattern and textures have a significant impact on the design, so too does weight, availability, certification and price. These factors impact the physicalities of being afloat and require fundamental mathematics, therefore the outfitter will work together with specialised suppliers to undertake technical studies, research and development projects, or internal testing for treatments to come to a process to achieve the perfect product. 

Aquila yacht main dining room

5. Be futuristic

The industry is full of highly-sophisticated owners who are willing to push the boundaries of technology, state of the art design and techniques. Everyone has the goal to move forward and stay one step ahead, and suppliers should be no different.



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