5 Questions with… Perini Navi’s Sailing Yacht Sales Director on the Falcon Rig Gallery

Written by Elodie Behravan

Earlier this year, during the legendary Monaco Yacht Show, the Italian shipyard Perini Navi unveiled a new range of superyachts: the Falcon Rig Gallery. Available in five different sizes, the Falcon Rig draws inspiration from the iconic 88-metre tri-mast clipper Maltese Falcon. With the smallest Falcon Rig starting at 56 metres, and the flagship boasting 92 metres of exquisite Perini Navi naval architecture, the model is also available in 64 metres, 72 metres and 80 metres. Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designHaving already received a letter of intent for a 92-metre Falcon Rig alongside the five other sailing yachts (and two motor yachts) which are currently under construction, business is thriving at the Viareggio-based yard. The aerodynamic efficiency of the Falcon Rig’s sail plan has been optimised to guarantee superior performance, while automation, which has always been the crown jewel of the Perini Navi fleet, has been further enhanced with new generation winches, resulting in even simpler operation and easier handling. Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept interior designDesign-wise, the Falcon Rig Gallery is characterised by contemporary lines, generous volumes and an unmistakably Perini Navi aesthetic. With an opulent master suite on the upper deck, open aft areas that connect to a spacious beach club area and an open-plan saloon, guests are guaranteed the ultimate onboard experience both indoors and outdoors. 

To find out more about the new range, Sailing Yacht Sales Director of Perini Navi, Fabrizio Sgariglia, who has been with the Italian company for over 35 years, answers our most pressing questions about Perini Navi’s new Falcon Rig Gallery.Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designAs an extension of the innovations first seen on Maltese Falcon, how was the gap in the market for the Falcon Rig Gallery identified? 

The Maltese Falcon represents the number one sailing yacht on the marketplace and it was built for a man who was well-respected in the sailing yacht industry. I believe that not many people want to replicate such custom builds and so the Falcon Rig is an evolution of the Maltese Falcon platform that is open to everybody.

Maltese Falcon yacht sailing in Porto CervoPhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesAdditionally, when we started building the Maltese Falcon 15 years ago, we developed a new technology together with our partners at Magma Structures and Dykstra Naval Architects. This technology has evolved and is evident in the methods and technologies used for the Falcon Rig Gallery. As had been announced at the Monaco Yacht Show, the joint venture with Magma and Dykstra also aims to make the Dyna Rig technology available to the industry at large. Maltese Falcon yacht sailing in Porto CervoPhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesWhat would you say are the most notable features in the designs of the Falcon Rig Gallery superyachts? 

The new generation winch system has really proven its functionality and sailing capabilities. Another key feature of the new configuration on the Falcon Rig Gallery is how easy it is to handle. Other noteworthy features are, of course, the clean decks and outstanding performance.

In my opinion, sailing needs a boost, not only for us at Perini Navi, but for the whole industry. About 6% of purchases are sailing yachts, while the remaining 94% are motor yachts. With the Falcon Rig concept, we are certainly heading in the right direction as it is not only a more sustainable way of yachting but also easier to handle, especially for the bigger scale yachts. Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designThe Falcon Rig Gallery has five different sizes available. Why were these particular measurements chosen?

The line was designed to meet various requirements and the combination of size, price and volume all played a vital role in this decision. With these five sizes, we believe that we can offer something for all demands. Starting with the 500 GT - the 56-metre (pictured below) - it obviously has its advantages as a yacht below 500 GT, but is the 'smallest' in the line. Perini Navi 56m Falcon Rig yacht exterior designPhoto: Perini NaviThen the 64, 72 and 80-metre (pictured consecutively) have a larger volume for those who require it. But the 92-metre, which has the largest volume of all, is the perfect yacht for those who have a real passion for sailing but don’t want to lose the comfort of a motor yacht.  Perini Navi 64m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designPerini Navi 72m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designPerini Navi 80m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designCan you give me an example of the kind of demands that you are receiving for these concepts? 

We have been pushed by clients for a second Maltese Falcon, for sure. But the Falcon Rig Gallery is built upon a platform that we have continuously developed and it represents a more performance-oriented vessel compared to our traditional vessels. Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designI believe that the world is changing. The world is moving towards a more sustainable environment and therefore sailing yachts are an obvious choice. To represent and replicate the bigger volume of motor yachts on sailing yachts you obviously have to go slightly bigger than the 42 and 47-metre. There already is a bigger platform for such yachts in the motor yacht field, and this is having a positive effect on the sailing boat sector. With the Falcon Rig, the systems which have been put in place are very efficient, easily handled and comfortable. For that reason, I also believe that there may be some clients who make a natural transition from motor to sailing yachts.Perini Navi 92m Falcon Rig yacht concept exterior designFinally, could you tell us more about the seven yachts that are currently under construction at Perini Navi?

In our shipyard in Viareggio, we currently have a 42-metre in-build as well as a 60-metre sailing yacht which is still in progress and on schedule for her delivery which will presumably take place during the third quarter of 2020. The second 42-metre GTS version - which has just arrived in Viareggio from our shipyard in Turkey - is even more performance-oriented, so she has features that enhance her performance capabilities with for instance a lighter hull and deeper keel. The 47-metre will also arrive from Turkey soon for outfitting.Perini Navi 47m E-volution sailing yachtPhoto: Perini NaviWe have also started on the construction of a third 42-metre sailing yacht, which is being built on speculation. Additionally, in our shipyard in La Spezia, we have a 53 and a 56-metre motor yacht currently under construction.Perini Navi E-volution 42m sailing yacht renderingTo find out more about Perini Navi and their current projects, contact the shipyard directly via the information found below.

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