FarSounder appoints Christopher J. Golden to the Board of Directors

FarSounder, Inc. is pleased to announce that at its December 2007 board meeting, Christopher J. Golden was elected to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Golden brings nearly 30 years of high technology company leadership experience with him, from publicly traded corporations to smaller enterprises where his vision and guidance led them to sustained growth and profitability. Prior to this he served with distinction as a combat officer in the US Army.

Commenting on the appointment, Cheryl M. Zimmerman, President and CEO of FarSounder; โ€œGolden's extensive leadership attributes have been well honed throughout his career, and together with his entrepreneurship and strong interpersonal skills, he will be a valuable addition to the Board.โ€

Golden currently serves on the board of several other companies (Optimum Technologies, Champion Metrics, Mackenzie Community Center and WPI Venture Forum). He has his MBA from Boston University and BA Economics from Lafayette College.

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