Video: How Heesen built the world’s fastest yacht in 1988

Written by Charl van Rooy

In a recently-released documentary-style production, Heesen Yachts celebrates the yard’s achievement of completing one of the most challenging projects in the company’s history. Built in 1988, the 43.58-metre motor yacht Octopussy gained the title as the fastest yacht in the world at the time, with an official handover speed of 53.17 knots - well above the contractual delivery speed of 50 knots that had to be reached during sea trials. 

The project famously brought together Frans Heesen, designer Frank Mulder and serial American yacht owner John Staluppi, who was wanted a 50-knot speedster over 100 feet in length. After approaching several yards around the world, Staluppi decided on Heesen Yachts with Frans Heesen himself spearheading the project at the time.

Now named Octopussy 007, the documentary recounts the story of how the project came to be, the challenges the design and engineering teams faced during the development and the impact an iconic project such as this had on the Heesen Yachts brand. 



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