Feadship Heritage Fleet returns to its roots

The Feadship Heritage Fleet organised a rendezvous for all of its classic yachts during the weekend of 28 June. In homage to the fleet’s roots, eighteen classic yachts gathered at the Feadship yard in Aalsmeer. The SuperYachtTimes.com team attended the event, and cruised along on the newly refitted classic Feadship Katja.

Only six of these yachts were already members of the association before this event,” Chairman Victor Muller proudly said. “No one at Feadship has ever seen this many of their own heritage yachts in one place at the same time".

This unique happening was crowed by eleven new membership applications to the Feadship Heritage Fleet. Every time an owner signed up for membership we pressed the horn of the 1966 Feadship Katja.

The first general assembly of the Feadship Heritage Fleet took place the next morning, where founding board was officially installed, and the bylaws and membership criteria were approved.

The day continued with a tour through the modern Feadship facilities in Aalsmeer, before the yachts went out for the ‘yacht rally’ on the local lake, which included a Krug champagne tasting, and an outdoor barbecue.

The event proceeded exactly as we had hoped, bringing together like-minded and passionate people, and exciting, gorgeous yachts”, Muller concluded. “What’s more, it showed that classic Feadship owners are eager to celebrate their yachts together, which is, of course, the raison d’être of this association.

Thirty three members in the first year is impressive, but this is just the beginning, ”Muller recapped. “There are many more classic Feadships sailing both national and international waters whose distinguished owners we would like to invite to join this exclusive club and celebrate their unique heritage with us.

By Maarten Janssen



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