Feadship launches all-new website

Feadship has launched an innovation of a different kind – a groundbreaking digital platform that sets a new standard for online immersion. The all-new www.feadship.nl website goes behind the scenes in a unique way to capture the essence of Feadship via a fascinating series of stories, films and photo-reports.

In addition to showcasing Feadship’s rich history and unrivalled technological excellence, the new portal reveals the people behind the Feadship story and makes clear why owners find building a Feadship such fun. The website is also a destination in itself, offering a comprehensive collection of Feadship media and acting as an interactive virtual channel. Owners, press, crew and Feadship fans alike will all feel welcome when they come aboard www.feadship.nl.

Our goal with this new website has been to move from an online presence to an online experience,” comments Francis Vermeer, head of marketing at Feadship. “Most websites are static, factual affairs based purely upon the product. In contrast, the new Feadship portal is an all-round storytelling adventure that immerses visitors in the process of creating a Feadship".

Our clients always say that building a Feadship is a wonderful experience as we relentlessly pursue perfection together.The site captures this in a uniquely fresh and flexible way. From the passion of the craftsmen, to the expertise of the designers and the commitment of the directors, every aspect of the Feadship experience is revealed.

The website also has many truly interactive features, such as personalised interviews with the Feadship directors, a timeline allowing visitors to explore the process of building a Feadship, and an engaging insight into Feadship’s design process.

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