Feadship relaunches the beautiful classic Serena

Saturday night we were invited to the stylish launch party of a remarkable Feadship. Not because of her size, at 22.50 metre she is in fact the smallest launch we attented in 2010, but because of the quality of the work, and the beautiful result.Originally launched on 15 July 1964 asone of the legendary Caravelle series, Serenahas nowbeen relaunched after an extensive refit, and is in a'better than new' condition. The rebuilt Serena was part of a unique project to train the next generation of craftsmen and women.

The project has beencarried out by De Vries Makkum in cooperation with students and their teachers. Schools in the surrounding areas have reacted with enormous enthusiasm and comakers have been hugely cooperative in developing the concept. “There are two reasons that we have decided to approach the refit in this way,” says Sijbrand de Vries, general director De Vries Makkum. “Firstly, it is an excellent way to train young people in a way that prepares them for working later on the far larger luxury yachts that Feadship builds today. Secondly, considering the historical importance of Serena, which was built by the grandfathers of the present directors at De Vries, this is a prestigious project for all concerned.”

With the exception of the wheelhouse, the entire interior has beenremoved and replaced by a new design for a luxury interior. On the technical side, the refit will also included the installation of a complete new engine room with new engines and generators from Lugger/Northern Lights.

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