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State of the art technology is an integral part of superyachting, whether it be aimed at top performance, onboard luxury or guest comfort. Most vessels nowadays are equipped with a wide range of technological amenities that make nautical life easier, safer and more practical, not too mention simply more fun. These onboard technologies are so ubiquitous, that one might simply forget they even exist.

Great technology is unobtrusive, safe, easy to handle and dependable. Once you start thinking about technology in superyachting, it's simply found everywhere. Even before setting foot onboard, with the boarding and disembarking of guests and goods, technology is of evident importance. And this is where FEEBE comes in.

FEEBE, which stands for Feenstra Boarding Equipment, is a top quality Dutch brand offering a complete range of technological solutions for boarding equipment on superyachts. As a subsidiary of the reputable PSI Feenstra, which was established by Philip Feenstra, FEEBE offers a wide range of solutions for any type of vessel. Mr Feenstra, who has been active in marine engineering since 1996, offers extensive technical expertise, international management experience and commercial knowledge, simply making FEEBE the go-to partner for any type of boarding equipment.

According to Mr Feenstra, key to success are good communication and collaboration, with a focuson the delivery of an overall great yacht, instead of a focus on the delivery of aproduct to that yacht.

The company devises, develops and constructs a wide range of top quality products, such as:

- Passerelles
- Boarding Ladders
- Deck Cranes
- Overhead Cranes
- Equipment Lifts
- Custom Equipment

Operating as a worldwide supplier for standards concepts and custom built solutions, FEEBE is contracted by naval architects, shipyards, owners and owners' representatives worldwide. With an immaculate reputation, all FEEBE-systems are designed, developed and built in-house, by a team of dedicated professionals. This allows for stringent quality monitoring, high degrees of craftsmanship and a perfectly finished final product. FEEBE's professionals are involved during the entire production process, ranging from design and engineering to manufacturing and production, from finishing and installation to commissioning and equipment servicing.

This is key to the success of their products, which is reflected in the wide range of clients that contract FEEBE as their boarding equipment partner. For instance, FEEBE is currently involved with the brand new superyacht Heliad II by Diana Yacht Design, a superyacht that was just recently highlighted in a SuperYachtTimes.com special feature article.

Whatever the importance of top technological quality, there are various other essential ingredients to be taken into account in order to successfully deliver a perfect product. Quality and specifications control, planing and material testing are all indispensable factors as well. For FEEBE, all these facets of production are all executed in-house, enabling them to remain a steady focus on their top priority: successfully delivering a state of the art product.

The niche market for boarding equipment is exclusive to the industry of superyachts and megayachts. With FEEBE operating as a qualified supplier, they offer off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom built projects, all under strict quality control. This makes FEEBE, and PSI Feenstra, an extremely capable and trustworthy partner. Being also the European technical support and service provider for Muir systems, whenever possible, Muir and Feebe systems are integrated into one system.

And taking into account, the importance of technology in the industry, having a partner as dedicated and capable as FEEBE is simply a necessity.

PSI Feenstra
+31(0)619 161 990
[email protected]

By Jochem Kaan



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