Ferretti announce new CEO, Alberto Galassi

The Ferretti Group has announced Alberto Galassi as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, replacing Ferruccio Rossi. Alberto Galassi is an authority on international affairs and an attorney specialising in international law.

This change is representative of a consolidation/relaunching place focused on the conception of a new range of products and the implementation of new business and marketing strategies. The goal is to secure new positions on international markets and confirm the boats made by the Group as ambassadors of a ‘Made in Italy’ technology and style.

The new endeavour is being made possible by the essential support of the Weichai Group, the majority shareholder in the Ferretti Group since 2012. Weichai has been of crucial importance with its contributions of equity support and new distribution channels.

To show its determination in ensuring the worldwide growth of the Ferretti Group, the Weichai Group has decided to offer a shareholders’ loan of €30 million that is immediately available and can be converted into an increase in capital in the future.



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