Perini Navi auction: Price too high for Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo

Written by Francesca Webster

The Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo have announced that they deem the Perini Navi auction starting price of €62.5 million to be too high for the real value of the assets. Though the partnership have expressed keen interest in the purchasing of Perini Navi, its shipyard, real estate and in the retention of its staff, they stated; “While extremely interested in the acquisition of Perini Navi and the implementation of an important relaunch plan, in consideration of the fixed auction base, Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo reserve the right - albeit painful - not to participate in the auction announced by the curator for the July 30, 2021.”E-volution 42/02 yacht hull by Perini Navi at ViareggioThe Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo are willing to invest substantially in the assets, but they believed that the considerable amount of investment necessary to truly rescue and rejuvenate the legendary yard, was not considered when the starting price was set.



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