Finkeldei presents upholstered furniture novelties on furniture fair in Cologne

The upholstered furniture manufacturer Finkeldei presents its 2005 collection with exclusive new products at Cologne’s furniture fair: Apart from a collection with a modern-classic design, this is a perfectly staged acrylic table range, surrounded by new luxurious upholstered furniture dreams and not least a clearly elegant dining room line.

As usual, the staff at Finkeldei set themselves ambitious goals when they designed the new 2005 collection. The results of the intense and time-consuming development work even surprised the owners, the family Knoche. The experts should be prepared for a pleasant surprise when the new collection is presented at the annual furniture fair in Cologne, the IMM 2005, in January. The company has succeeded in surpassing its own extremely high quality, design and comfort standards.

Finkeldei presents the new definition of pure beauty – a classic-modern upholstered furniture collection, which knows how be convincing when it comes to design, lifestyle and functionality. Further highlights include exclusive new model creations for the classic-luxury segment. The acrylic table collection with brass and chrome appliqués, developed with the highest ambitions, will also set new standards. In addition, visitors to the IMM can look forward to an unusual dining room range, which is without equal. The finest materials, in impressive diversity, round off the overall exclusive picture. Great events are foreshadowed ...

In a period that is not easy for the whole branch, Finkeldei is depending on its unrelenting commitment to innovation and new models with the highest possible quality and perfect comfort. That is what makes the difference.



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