First edition of iPad magazine SuperYacht Experience released

We are proud to announce the release of the first edition of SuperYacht Experience, a brand new bi-monthly iPad magazine published by SuperYacht Company and produced by Plus New Media.

With this new publication, we are excitingly treading into slightly unknown territory, fully confident to present you with the very best news and articles from around the industry. Ranging from special features of particular vessels to interviewing industry pioneers, and from covering new launches to discussing technology and design, SuperYacht Experience selects the most important and cutting-edge topics for you, so you don't have to. This way, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy this new publication, taking in what really matters in today's industry.

Why an iPad magazine? Because we feel that this is the format that would most conveniently serve our readers. Simply put, the technology is available on most superyachts, with owners and guests often having an iPad at their disposal. The comfort of downloading the magazine and being able to read the articles anytime, anywhere, without having to be online, hopefully is as appealing to our readers as it is to us. On top of that, interactive content such as videos, 360-degrees panoramic imagery and expandable photography perfectly employ the benefits of the iPad-format.

In this issue, I travelled to Antibes to step on board Quattroelle for lunch with builder Peter Lürssen, and designer Dan Lenard, I talked with the passionate and knowledgeable owner of Sprezzatura, and met up with Peter Insull in his office. Inside, you'll also find an interview with the designers of the world's largest yacht Azzam, specials about Ocean Paradise, Kamaxitha and Koji, a travel report from Oman, an much, much more!

iPad users can download the magazine for free, by clicking on this link.

We'd love to hear your feedback on our first issue, feel free to pass it along to [email protected].


By Maarten Janssen



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