First ICON superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show

As the three-year anniversary of the launch of ICON Yachts approaches in September and the first ICON 62 is scheduled to appear in Monaco, the Financial Times – four days after its ‘FT Business of Luxury Summit’ in Monaco – includes just three things not to miss at MYS in its ‘Boats That Rock’ special: The first is the new ICON 62 – the other two are cars.

Launched three years ago, a commercial facility in The Netherlands was acquired, with capacity to build or maintain numerous superyachts at once of up to 135 metres length. The aim is to build highly efficiently to the best Northern European standards, using pioneering techniques. CEO Wim Koersvelt has run a successful construction management company, acting on behalf of owners in the top yards worldwide, for many years and is known for his obsession with quality.

The Yachts
To date ICON Yachts is exclusively building 62-metre boats, however a larger platform allows for the ICON 95 and proposals are being worked up for even larger yachts, up to 135 metres long. Each ICON 62 is individually designed and customized, built upon an optimized platform, Redman Whiteley Dixon (RWD) having worked up the platform. RWD was selected to style the exterior by owners of Nos 1 & 2 and Tim Heywood by the owner of No 3, recommended to ICON by Burgess. Each has a different interior designer but all owners have opted for the master duplex suite.

How ICON Builds
Once the hull was optimized, after extensive tank-testing and CAD development, the goal was set to only start building any part of a yacht when it had been fully designed and modelled in 3D. Self-contained modules of machinery (just 21 in the engine room) are built and tested before being installed. This makes for cleaner and more efficient assembly line. Bolting and bonding the superstructure to the hull rather than welding is one example of innovation. ‘Co-makers’, specializing in different areas from noise & vibration to electronics & LED lighting, were involved from the outset to ensure all shared a quiet vision to achieve the best.

ICON Yachts’ joint CEOs, Wim Koersvelt and Jen Wartena plus Sales & Marketing Manager, Paul Manting, will be on hand at MYS.

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