First Italian professional fair dedicated composite materials

CarraraFiere presents Compotec, professional fair dedicated to the production, technologies and research of composite materials. The fair will take place for the first time in Italy, from 29th to 31st October 2008, in Marina di Carrara. Three days of Technical full-immersion, conferences and contests in the world of composites, used in an ever growing number of industrial sectors.

Compotec is an unique event in the Italian trade fair panorama, announcing a highly qualified appointment, ideated to create a natural meeting point for the sector and expand the use and development of composite materials, involving Research Centres and Universities. Compotec offers a professional method in a sector in expansion.

The first ever professional exhibition entirely dedicated to composite materials was created thanks to the enterprise of CarraraFiere. Compotec, fair dedicated to the production of composite materials and technologies, will be held in the modern fair complex in Marina di Carrara, from 29th-31st October 2008.

After Germany, Italy is the second European producer of composite materials and Compotec announces a first appointment of primary importance starting from the first edition, judging from the prompt participation of numerous Italian and foreign companies.

The application of composite materials has in fact seen great development in numerous industrial fields after the boom in the aerospace and military sector in the 1950’s. From then the use of these materials has spread to that of the automotive, construction, marine, transport and medical sector. Many daily use objects are made with these materials, this because of the resistance and light weight characteristics which distinguish them.

Compotec is aimed at producers, distributors, engineers, technicians and researchers of the composites sector and was thought up with a double objective, to become a reference point for the Italian Composite Industry and an important means of communication for the industry as well as for Universities and Research Centres.

Apart from the exhibiting space intended for producers of raw materials, machinery for finished products, studies of design and engineering, software, associations and Specialised Press, Compotec also has in programme in its agenda; technical broadening, conferences and contests.

In the area in front of the main pavilion, exhibitors can equip a second space, designated for the demonstration of working processes, taking advantage of the specialised technical staff of the sector. This is a novelty for a B2B fair, which CarraraFiere proposes for Compotec, well aware of an ever changing market.

In programme is the 9th edition of the International Conference on Composite Materials “Advancing with Composites 2008”, organised by Amme-Asmeccanica, Composite Materials Centre, CarraraFiere and the University Federico II of Naples. Chairman of the event is Prof. Ignazio Crivelli Visconti, Professor at the Composite Technologies, School of Industrial Design of the University Federico II of Naples.

Marino Quaresimin, associate Professor at the Machinery Construction, faculty of Engineering, University of Padova, will hold two seminars dedicated to “Composites and polymeric matrix Nanocomposites: new materials for structural application” and “ Glued joints in composite materials: behaviour upon fatigue and methods of structural analysis”.

The composite materials used in civil construction, structural reinforcement and constructions in FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymers) will be the theme of the AICO Convention (Italian Composites Association), organised by Professor Angelo di Tommaso, IUAV University of Venice. The convention will be divided in two sessions, the first dedicated to “Structures all in composites”, the second will be on “Reinforcements and framework using composite materials”.

Furthermore SAMPE Italy (Society for the Advancement of Material and process Engineering) will organise within Compotec the yearly meeting of all its associates, on the 31st October 2008.

Amongst the awards assigned during the exhibition is Compotec Award, sponsored by CarraraFiere and addressed to companies who knew how to invest in research, innovation and technology.

The contest “Innovative projects of goods produced in composite materials”, aimed at University students and recent University graduates of Italian Faculties in Architecture and Engineering , has been established by Dassault Systèmes, world leader in the production of PLM software (Product Lifecycle Management).



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