First Leopard 43 metre superyacht fitted with Seakeeper M21000 gyros

Spending time with family, hosting dinners and achieving peaceful sleep onboard all require a high level of comfort and vessel stabilization. The owner of Makira, the first 43m Leopard yacht, wouldn't settle for anything less, which is why they installed two Seakeeper M21000 gyros.

Although Makira is a high-speed craft, it spends a lot of time anchored outside harbors, exposed to rolling waves and instability. Whether at anchor or underway, the owner needed a stabilization solution that would make the yacht's location irrelevant to ensuring comfort for those aboard.

The Rodriguez Group, former dealers of Leopard, first recommended a different gyro manufacturer. But, after learning the M21000 gyro draws 90% less power at only 6kW, and is 50% lighter at just 3 tons, Makira's owner realized that less is more and chose Seakeeper.

Claude Niek, director of CSO Yachts, helped broker the yacht and was integral in the gyro selection. "Seakeeper was chosen for a few reasons," said Niek. "The space available on Makira was determinant. Makira is a fast boat and I did not want anything under the water to detract from the boat's performance. Contrary to other systems, we can use Seakeeper on high-speed vessels." The M21000s were installed far aft, above the yacht's triple water jets with one gyro mounted port and one starboard. The project took place at the Leopard yard in France, with the assistance of Seakeeper's local servicing installers, Nemo Marine Services. "We received good service from Nemo and Seakeeper," said Niek.

After sea trials, everyone was satisfied with the system. "The boat became very stable at anchor and even underway which was the goal. Seakeeper provides very good comfort," said Niek.

Also participating in the sea trials, the Rodriguez Group ordered gyros for its next two hulls. "Thanks to my positive experience Italyachts decided to put Seakeeper on its 43/02 and 43/03," said Niek.

With room to accommodate up to nine individuals with a seven-person crew, the Leopard 43m combines high-performance with spaciousness. This yacht's dรฉcor is bright and airy with plenty of natural light in the cabins. It boasts a max speed of 35 knots, cruising speed of 30 knots and with an alternative booster can travel at 38 knots.

With no external appendages, Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization Systems are mounted inside the hull and produce a powerful righting force that virtually eliminates boat rock and roll. The actively-controlled units optimize torque and are highly effective over a range of conditions, delivering unmatched stability at anchor, zero and low speeds, as well as while underway.

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