First look: BlackCat multihull superyachts

Written by Charl van Rooy

A collaboration between Australian Olympic sailor Mitch Booth and renowned yacht designer Malcolm McKeon has resulted in the creation of a new brand of luxurty catamaran superyachts dubbed BlackCat. The new ‘supercat’ will offer guests an exhilarating and extremely stable experience while cruising in comfort and luxury at 30 knots.

I’m thrilled that we’re designing this new style of catamaran,” said McKeon.“There’s been a space in the market for some time for a large catamaran design that can offer the luxury and quality of a superyacht this size, and also provide this level of stability and high performance."

The first version revealed by the brand is a 50 metre concept that will be finished to each client’s custom requirements. The vessel is to be constructed completely out of carbon fibre, and will be the largest single-structure carbon fibre yacht in the world when completed. The lightweight construction and efficient design of the yacht means each yacht will be capable of reaching speeds up to 30 knots.

"The accommodation space on board is a whopping 340 square metres, all within a 50-metre vessel; something that has not been done until now. It’s a logical progression for superyacht designs to move towards catamarans,” says Booth. “There are so many advantages to large multihull cruising compared to our monohull cousins, such as speed, space, low heel, comfort, the list goes on and on.”

The wide beam and open spaces on board makes this the perfect platform for entertaining one’s friends on family on. Guests’ needs will be accommodated for by the BlackCat team throughout the design and build stages of the project.



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