First Look: DL Yacht’s Dreamline 34

DL Yacht’s new Dreamline 34 is the first in the young Italian yacht builder’s 34 metre range, and the largest model currently being built at the company’s construction facilities in Ancona. Designed by Enrico Gobbi of Team 4 Design, the Dreamline 34 is developed to offer clients the ultimate experience in luxury, comfort and style that is possible in this size range.

Giuseppe Arrabito of Arrabito Naval Architects was tasked with developing an efficient hull form which would increase on board comfort by limiting the uncomfortable movements associated with a vessel’s pitching. Together with a luxurious yet functional and child-friendly interior by Gobbi, the Dreamline 34 makes for a perfect family ocean retreat.

More wanted to be achieved with the available space on board, not only in terms of usable storage, but also the effect that an open and flowing environment has on guests. To achieve this, the Dreamline 34 has been fitted with large seemingly continuous windows on main deck, running all the way forward to meet at the master suite overlooking the foredeck. Two dramatic skylights, running the entire length of the master bed is fitted in the deckhead above and immediately creates a sense of freedom and the luxury of space when entering the cabin.

A further four cabins, three double and one twin cabin, is located on the lower deck below.

It becomes clear that the term pocket-superyacht is an apt description when wondering around the main dining and lounge area back on main deck. The attention to detail and level of furbishing truly leaves one understanding that with the Dreamline 34, DL Yachts wanted to create a yacht fininshed to a standard far above what is commonly available on the market today.

View the Dreamline 34 in more detail as she is featured as our Superyacht of the Week this weekend.

By Charl van Rooy, photos by Alberto Cocchi



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