Five questions with... Germán Frers and Peter Naeyé

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

The superyacht industry may be small to some, but it is filled with a range of experts and professionals from around the world. In this series, we shine a light on some of the specialists working within the different segments of the industry to learn more about what they do for the sector. 

Following the reveal of the new Maxi Swan 120 at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show and after recently confirming the first sale of the new model, we take a moment to speak with Argentinian designer Germán Frers and Maxi Swan Product Line Leader Peter Naeyé to learn more about Nautor's Swan’s latest performance sailing yacht and what makes this model unique. Nautor's Swan 120 Maxi Swan Exterior RenderingPhoto: Nautor's SwanGermán can you tell us where your inspiration for the Swan 120 came from?

GF: The inspiration came from the need to create a superyacht capable of comfortable cruising. We wanted to make a boat that is nice to sail, one with a clean deck that was elegant looking with a very warm and comfortable interior. I designed the Swan 120 so that guests can have easy access to the sea by way of a large stern platform and opening which doubles as a garage for the large tender.

The interior, which offers two layout options (one with the owner’s cabin forward and one with owner's cabin aft), has been developed and refined by Genovese architect Misa Poggi, who added a lot of details and colours. The 120 will be fast for her type and will have a performance-oriented keel, which is very sophisticated. This boat will also be very light for its size. Since she will be produced by the skilled craftsman at Nautor’s Swan full pre-preg carbon.Nautor's Swan 120 Maxi Swan Exterior RenderingPhoto: Nautor's Swan Were there any challenges or difficulties that you faced when working on the Swan 120?

PN: I think one of the biggest challenges that we faced when designing the Swan 120 was figuring out how to fit a large owner’s cabin and three full-size guest cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms, and a properly sized crew accommodation into the hull. Simultaneously, the crew is very important on a boat like this, so they need proper accommodation and space. At the other end, we took the challenge to design a spacious “beach deck” close to the water which can also store a large tender for exploring purposes. You could say this project was like a big puzzle, one that took us six months to solve. Together with the team, we’ve managed to offer two layouts, three different sail plan configurations, a high level of customisation and on top of all that, we’ve managed to stay within the price range.Nautor's Swan 120 Maxi Swan Exterior RenderingPhoto: Nautor's SwanGF: I consider myself an expert in cruising and sailing and, along with the team, have been involved in the designing heavily. Nautor's Swan put together a very good team and any difficulties or challenges we faced were solved. The design is pretty straightforward, it is clean and the purpose is clear. There is, of course, many variables to consider when trying to fulfil all of an owner’s needs, but I think we have managed to do so by creating a well rounded and high-quality product. German FrersWhat were some of the main aspects of Nautor’s Swan that you want to be reflected on board the Swan 120? 

PN: The Swan 120 is a high-performance boat and there is a reason we chose to use pre-prep carbon. We have the technology at Nautor's Swan and have been building boats like that for many, many years, so the new 120 is simply a continuation of that perfected method, but this time it is more cruising-performance orientated.

Moreover, with the optimisation of the BTC facility, Nautor has increased its level of efficiency both in terms of process and timing.

GF: Nautor’s Swan is famous for making fast and nice looking boats, so this is something we wished to accomplish and I am happy to say that we did that with the Swan 120.Nautor's Swan 120 Maxi Swan InteriorPhoto: Nautor's SwanWhat do you think makes the Swan 120 stands out compared to the other Swans from the Maxi line?

GF: Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the 120 can be delivered in 24 months, which is incredible for a superyacht. Of course, the resale value is also something that is very attractive. In addition to that, the interiors also offer a lot of possibilities with Swan’s new options.

PN: The Swan 120 is the continuation of the direction we took with the Swan 98. Nautor’s Swan is, and always has been, about performance and has quality, performance, seaworthiness and craftsmanship in its DNA. Nautor's Swan 120 Maxi Swan InteriorPhoto: Nautor's SwanWhat has been the most memorable Swan that you designed Germán and why?

GF: Oh that is a long list! I prefer the small ones, I like the 45 and the 42. I like the latest 80 and the 78, they are closer to my sailing experience. Of course, sail handling is different, you are limited by power, whereas on a smaller sailboat you can have the sails yourself. Smaller boats are fun, and what we are trying to do with the bigger boats is to translate that into the bigger boats.

PN: Working with Germàn Frers, the Maestro, on behalf of iconic Nautor’s Swan brand is a dream come true. I enjoyed every minute of it.



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