Flagship Superyacht Academy launches STEP crew training programmes

A great time was had by all at bar ‘Tender To…’ on the Friday evening of the 2008 Monaco Yacht Show. Flagship Superyacht Academy (FSYA) entertained crew, captains, journalists, managers, brokers and builders to celebrate the launch of their bespoke whole crew STEP training programmes. STEP (short for Safety, Training and Emergency Procedures) programmes have been designed to help train an entire crew or department.

Sir Tim McClement, Managing Director of the Academy said;
“Our function is to assist a yacht Captain in training his or her crew. We aim to act as a catalyst for change and improvement drawing on many years of Royal Navy safety, planning and lessons learned within the maritime safety sector. This launch is a great opportunity to get people together with the common goal of improving safety and quality of service at sea”

The highlight of the launch was the presentation of a Salmanazar of champagne (that’s 9 litres or 16 pints of champagne!) to the party attendee who recorded the highest number of STEPs on their FSYA pedometer, sent to them several months ago. The winner, with an incredible 97,000 plus STEPs was Jenny Shillitoe, Stewardess from S/Y Drumfire.

For further information on the right STEP Programme for your yacht, visit www.fsya.co.uk/step



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