Floating Life presents Walter’s Scuba Diving

Floating Life International introduces a unique and exciting new service for its customers, the “Diving Experience” organised by Walter’s Scuba Team.

Walter’s Scuba Team originated with an idea of Walter Micheli, PADI Course Director with over 20 years of experience in the underwater sports world. Operating in accordance with the highest possible safety standards, Walter’s Scuba Team is able to plan and manage all the underwater activities that take place from a yacht. The team, comprising PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainers, will be at disposal to the guests, directly on board to train them all. At the end of a marvellous experience, they issue them with PADI certificates, which are recognized worldwide.

Floating Life now offers this unique service to the charter world. Walter’s Scuba Team is based in Switzerland and will look after the organization and provide personal supervision of all the underwater activities. This “on board instructor” will always be under water with the guests of the yacht and will be their guide to the beauties of the submarine world. The training service will take place directly on board of the yacht, at the agreed destination and according to the requirements and needs of the guests and owner, at any time of the year.

Walter’s Scuba Team supply the best diving equipment produced by the world’s leading manufacturers in the field, all tested and selected by Walter and his instructors. Walter’s Scuba Team offers expert advice about which items to purchase and also provides a first-rate post-sales assistance service through a reliable and scrupulous programme of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all the diving equipment.

The services available from Walter’s Scuba Team include:
- Researching and planning scuba diving routes with material describing the sites to be visited and schedules of activities to enrich your cruise;
- Planning of all leisure diving activities;
- Onboard courses leading to the award of international diving certificates, using avantgarde multi-media teaching methods;
- The philosophy underlying this highly professional service entails respect for the highest safety standards for all participants, without limiting their enjoyment;
- The Team can train and certify all the yacht crews in underwater rescue and backup activities. This will enhance general safety levels on board your yacht.



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