Focus Yacht Design opens in Bremen

A new name in the world of custom yacht design. And a new alternative that satisfies the wishes of many owners for more exclusiveness, not only in terms of comfort, but also as regards uniqueness. Our designs deliberately depart from traditional routes and routines, setting sail for new style shores, destined for new ideas time and again. With results that have immediately convinced several megayacht builders.

Access to a sea of opportunities, one of the principal reasons for our success as yacht designers is precisely because our professional origins were not in the field of yacht design. FYD is a group of experts who originally hailed from the sectors of architecture, design and advertising and who discovered their shared passion for yacht design. In doing so, they also discovered many ways of implementing extraordinary and extraordinarily successful solutions. So it was only logical that they also opted to follow an extraordinary approach.

One of FYD's fundamental principles is to consider the entire aesthetic and technical aspects as a whole from inside to outside, from outside to inside. The outcome: always different. But always the same as regards distinctive design language, finesse and timeless beauty.



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