Fraser kicks off new visual identity on the West Coast with the Newport Boat Show

Fraser Yachts, the unrivalled experts in luxury yacht services, are proud to announce that this year’s Newport Boat Show will be the kick off event for the new look on the West Coast. After successfully unveiling the new image in Europe at the Monaco Yacht Show and on the East Coast at last year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the Newport Boat Show will mark the final geographic region to meet the new Fraser Yachts.

The company, which has recently experienced unprecedented growth as the market expands across the world, employs 130 people from 18 different nationalities, speaking 25 languages in 10 offices all around the world.

One of the ironies of business is that being the market-leader can be a dangerous position to be in. With new competitors appearing, uncharted markets emerging and existing markets rapidly evolving, the market-leading brand cannot afford to be complacent. The brand review was undertaken to ensure they take all necessary steps to successfully maintain that position for the foreseeable future. It was also undertaken to ensure that the external perception of Fraser Yachts matches the quality of their world-class personnel and the expertise they have to offer.

Feedback from all Fraser people, their most important asset, has been key to shaping the direction of the Fraser Yachts brand. They undertook extensive internal and external research in the form of questionnaires and face-to-face interviews to understand the views of what the brand stands for and determine its aspirations for the future. These opinions helped form the basis of the brief for the development of the brand.



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