Fraser Yachts exclusive agents for Fincantieri's 80m Goldmine

Fraser Yachts is very pleased to announce that its Sales division has taken on a new exciting project exclusively with Fincantieri Yachts in Italy. The experience of the two global leaders in the large yacht market place has been joined in a brand new 80m (262โ€™) joint venture project Goldmine.

Marketed exclusively through Fraser Yachts and designed and pre-engineered by Fincantieri Yachts, the largest yacht builder in Italy, Goldmine is sure to be the most special yacht of this size under construction.

She is a massive yacht in all respects with over 1000 square meters of owner and guest interior. She has an entire deck devoted only to her future owner; the Master bedroom stands forward on the ownerโ€™s deck and allows a 180 degree view, framed by the relaxing and harmonious blend of shape and colours from indoors. All the guest suites are on the main deck with incredible water views.

The elegance of the staircase within the main deck /lobby, entwined around the elevator, creates a harmonious, yet impressive full view when boarding from the yachtโ€™s starboard entrance. The main formal deck/salon encompasses a central sitting area from which to enjoy the view. The elegance of the shapes and colours spreads from the intermediate bar to the formal dining area, with the soft curves of the walls and the warm colours of the wood carvings.

The lower deck and beach club are total relaxation areas! Situated on a stern platform these provide full access to the sea and are complete with a bar and health club including a sauna. Outside deck spaces abound on each of her 6 decks and a spectacular beach club allows access to the sea.



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