Fraunhofer and MCAST join MARSEC-XL

A global leader in systems and software engineering research and Malta’s dynamic College of Arts, Science and Technology join MARSEC-XL, the Marine Software Engineering Cluster of Excellence in Malta

In a Public Deed on 10 December 2008 in Malta Prof. Dieter Rombach, Chairman of the Fraunhofer ICT Group, Executive Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) and Prof. Maurice Grech, Principal and CEO of Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology formally joined as Council Members of [email protected] Foundation, the applied research and education institute of MARSEC-XL.

Fraunhofer IESE, one of 56 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, is one of the world leading research institutes in the area of software and systems engineering. A vast majority of the products and services delivered by the collaboration partners of IESE is defined by software. These products and services range from automotive and transportation systems to telecommunication and telematics equipment, from information systems and medical devices to software systems for the public sector. “Formalizing our working relationship with MARSEC-XL by joining its [email protected] Foundation is an exciting step for Fraunhofer IESE bringing an entirely new and highly sophisticated application domain to our portfolio. The marine sector and yachting in particular already deliver hi-tech products and systems that offer significant opportunities for further innovation and integration.” – commented Prof. Dieter Rombach at the ceremony in Malta today.

MCAST, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, is a highly successful and fast growing leading education institution in Malta. With over five thousand students in its nine institutes and international acclaimed industry collaborations MCAST has a significant footprint in the Maltese educational system and economy. Four of its specialized institutes namely, the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the Maritime Institute provide an ideal mix of expertise to engage with [email protected] Foundation and assist it to attain its mission. Prof. Maurice Grech stated: “Together with Fraunhofer we are delighted to join MARSEC-XL to help strengthen further the research and educational aspect of this unique initiative in the yachting sector. This fits perfectly with MCAST’s objectives to further its operations in the marine sector and to prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs”.

The MARSEC-XL Foundation (Marine Software Engineering Cluster of Excellence) sets out to shape the digital future of the yachting industry focusing on marine systems and software engineering. The mission of MARSEC-XL is to provide an unbroken sustainable innovation chain encompassing a range of activities from applied research, education and training to business operations and technology transfer. With world-renowned players in the yachting industry, MARSEC-XL has been established as a neutral ground, where leading brands come together for collaborative work. “Fraunhofer IESE and MCAST have been actively supporting MARSEC-XL since its inception. Given the growth and success in [email protected] it is now time to expand the Foundation Council and I am delighted to welcome Prof. Rombach and Prof. Grech as members of the council” - said Geir Fagerhus, CEO MARSEC-XL and [email protected] Foundation.



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