Four retractable wings and electric motors: Futur-e concept craft

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Centrostiledesign has unveiled its latest concept, the Futur-e craft, symbolising the nautical, aeronautical and automotive industries together to create a boat that flies over the waves. Designed with four retractable wings in combination with electric motors, Futur-e uses minimum power while providing maximum comfort.Future-E concept craftFutur-e is an innovative concept for sustainable mobility on the water while utilising the most advanced technology and trends in car design. Four foils are used to enhance performance and minimise friction on the water.Future-E concept craftFuture-E concept craftCombining technology from all industries, Futur-e has an integrated automotive-inspired kinematic system, similar to the suspension found on Formula 1 cars. The kinematics helps the movement and handling of the foils for further efficiency. 

Future-E concept craftFuture-E concept craftDesigned to appear like a flying car on water, the hull has the appearance of a supercar. The foils are integrated into Futur-e's hull to limit their bulk and can also be used as a cradle for when Futur-e is on deck. The interior of Futur-e has space for three passengers and a captain, and has wrap-around glass windscreens. Future-E concept craftFuture-E concept craftFutur-e is constructed from 100 percent recycled carbon fibre with structural reinforcements from recycled foam. The foils and rudders are also made of carbon fibre. The supercar-inspired boat produces zero CO2 emissions and zero noise thanks to her electric propulsion system. Futur-e can reach 30 knots.Future-E concept craft



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