Get to know the Damsko range by Lekker Boats

Written by Laura Nicholls

As the brainchild of industrial designer and entrepreneur Meindert Wolfraad, Lekker Boats has been creating quality robust boats perfected for all types of water since 2014. The 7.5-metre Damsko 750 and the 10-metre Damsko 1000 are the results of expert workmanship by Lekker Boats. Premium materials and aspects of the typical Dutch "sloep" design is what helps create these custom built boats in the Netherlands.Lekker Boats Dankso models in actionPhoto: Lekker Boats"I wanted to consider all of the practical aspects of boating in-and-around a busy harbour like Sydney, and make the driver experience as seamless as possible," said founder Meindert Wolfraad.

Lekker Boats Dankso models in actionPhoto: Lekker Boats
Made out of aluminium and available with a cabin, the Lekker models are lightweight - perfect for storage on a yacht - and require little maintenance. The Lekker boat can accommodate up to 25 people on board to cruise around the shore up to speeds of 46-knots, explore rougher waters or enjoy water sports. 

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