Get your superyacht internet up to speed with M2MBlue

Written by Georgia Tindale

Founded in 2015, the Dutch global connectivity specialists, M2MBlue have recently expanded their reach into the superyacht market. We spoke to Christian Westers, CEO of M2MBlue about how the company got to where they are today and what we can expect to see from them in the future.

Christian Westers, CEO of M2MBlue

M2MBlue has recently started providing connectivity services for the superyacht industry. Tell us why you decided to take this step.

M2MBlue began its journey through the provision of cross-border (GSM) high volume data connections in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Recently expanding our reach, we now offer data connections to customers with high volume needs across numerous markets, including the cruise, broadcast and superyacht industries.

Within the superyacht industry, there is a degree of ignorance about the benefits that can be gained through improved data connectivity. This is partially because established IT parties take protective action between the shipyard and the vessel owner. Because we have so much experience in the cruising market, we decided to expand this knowledge into the superyacht industry.

What have been the company’s major milestones since its foundation?

Becoming the market leader in the European river cruise market in the field of internet supply and additional IT services; establishing our own Point of Presence (POP) - the infrastructure that allows remote users to gain internet access - in many major European cities, and the independent position we gained through being awarded our full MVNO license.

What are some of the problems superyacht owners currently face with internet connectivity and high volume data transfer on board? 

Owners often rely on the advice of technical installers, or at a later stage, on the action-priced purchase of routers and SIM cards. In both cases, the practical result is always a moderate-at-best connection and the loss of both internet speed and quality using expensive onboard systems. None of the onboard entertainment or internet systems can reach their full potential.

M2M Blue Tech Demo

What benefits do your services and solutions offer to those in the superyacht industry? 

Our customers are always connected to the best network for their yacht. They also benefit from an end-to-end secured connection between our data centre and the yacht and can choose to use non-steered SIMS. 

M2MBlue customers enjoy real-time SIM management, as well as a wide choice of pay-as-you-go SIM bundles with custom rate plans. Finally, we can provide one convenient portal to manage all major network operators if required. 

M2M Blue Sim Card

What can we expect to see from M2MBlue in the future?

We will be implementing our own independent Multi IMSI SIM cards in all of our clients’ yachts. M2MBlue can now reach every SIM card over the airwaves without switching sim cards, giving the customer better rates and coverage between all countries at the push of a button. 

We are also currently in the middle of a major breakthrough: through our build-up connection, we will be able to deliver a 5G connection to your superyacht with a truly global reach. That will make a huge difference to everyone in the market and it is patented and ready to roll out. We’ll be back with more information very soon!

To find out more about any of the services M2MBlue provide, contact them directly using the details below.



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