Gian Paolo Nari unveils 75 metre superyacht project NPe75

The NPe75 brings together elements of yacht design and aviation together in one seamless package with all the safety aspects required to land and store an helicopter aboard of super yachts. Despite the presence of the high hangar, Gian Paolo Nari succeeded in creating a great looking vessel.

In the early stages of design, a second forward heli pad was created on the bow of the yacht, but this was later discarded due to the fact that the bow area of any vessel often experiences the biggest movement.

As the maritime industry continues to strengthen regulations with respect to helicopter integration aboard yachts, this project can liaison and interpret these regulations with the client, prior to the build phase. Functionality and design are key points to ensure safe and efficient helicopter operations. From fire systems and explosion proof lighting, to on board Jet-A fuelling provisions, the project loop is able to collaborate all of these elements during the design phase.

Concerning the design aspect, the idea behind the NPe75 was to keep the same family feeling for a safe, modern and aggressive expedition yacht, like that of project NP55.

The NPe75 project started out as an 85 metre yacht, but was later downsized to overcome the docking problems yachts of that size often experience. of docking in the port for the biggest yachts. The current design for the NPe75 offers 3 decks totally dedicated to the guests and 2 more decks dedicated to the crew.

Outside, the upper deck features a giant swimming pool (4,5 x 6 meters) with sun-beds and a bar area. Two decks up, guests can enjoy a Jacuzzi, and more sunbathing, as well as a panoramic gym.

The lower aft deck features the nowadays mandatory beach club, with spa facilities and plenty of toy to keep the most active of guests happy.

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By Maarten Janssen



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