Giovanni Costantino of Tecnomar announces the company’s new structure

With 699.74 metres, 78,839 Hp, 32,710 nautical miles, 19 new models from 60 feet to 60 metres, 3 steel and aluminum lines, 2 composite lines and a new sailing line- Tecnomar presents its plans for the future and the new fleet at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Milan.

Founded in 1987, Tecnomar has launched over 270 yachts and established itself as a well-known Italian super-yacht builders.

Since his arrival in January 2009, the new President Giovanni Costantino implemented and completed a massive reorganisation and restructuring plan preserving however the company’s history and founding values.

Tecnomar today has a new management with international and industrial background operating in the renewed headquarters at Massa-Tuscany.

For the first time in the Italian yachting industry, the application of modern management and operations techniques to industrial processes allowed rationalization of design and production.

Giovanni Costantino, President and CEO, says: “The client chooses Tecnomar as he knows he is the focal center of attention. We build yachts totally “Made in Italy”, result of the best technology and Italian style. Our team comes from the great Italian school of naval engineering and major industrial sectors. I believe this is the real Tecnomar innovation, the “industrial revolution” I have been implementing whilst preserving the values of Italian nautical history. I am here today to talk about the recent evolution of Tecnomar and present the Shipyard where devotion, expertise, solidity and reliability are driving the Group in the European elite. After completing the reorganisation process, our efforts have been focused on the fleet development by investing over 3 million Euros: two new brands (Tecnomar Alloy 5083 and Tecnosail); five different product lines in composite, steel and aluminum; a brand new sailing line; nineteen new models from 60 feet to 60 metres which are all design patent registered. This is the Tecnomar strength today: branded yachts from the best Italian nautical tradition and the utmost innovative technology. A real ‘revolution’ ”.

The brand new sailing line, blending unique technical and stylistic features with technologic innovations, will be officially launched in the coming next weeks along with new concepts of biocompatible energies, environmental sustainability and new generation propulsion systems.

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