Glass Deco develops first PYC-compliant glass

In response to increasingly demanding rules enforced within the industry in regards to fire safety and fuel economy, Glass Deco has revealed their latest development: a new patented lamination method which meets the new fire requirements cited in the Passengers Yacht Code and IMO regulations.

In regards to weight saving methods, the brand has also deployed various techniques to save weight through the use of ultrathin glass, and can now carry out thermal tempering on glass of two to three millimetres thick. This was previously only possible on glass upwards of 4 millimetres, reportedly allowing direct weight savings of 50% without the need to compromise on strength or appearance.

“Glass Deco has always excelled in realising various projects involving glass. Experience and skills built up over decades are today used to produce high-end glass objects and sculptures which often form the centrepiece of a larger project,” says Frans van Hapert, CEO of Glass Deco.

He continues, “I am happy that Glass Deco is capable to deliver this new lamination method starting from today after years of developing and investing in this new high tech production technique. With this new invention, we prove to be still trendsetting in the world of decorated glass.”

Frans van Hapert can be contacted at Glass Deco on [email protected].

By Gemma Fottles



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