Global Marine Lending Network sets yacht financing standard

Yacht financing specialist Ciris Capital has announced a significant increase in its Global Marine Lending Network ( The company is profiting from the entrance of an increasing number of banks and other financial institutions into yacht finance, especially over the past two years.

“Since each bank has its own focus, it was increasingly difficult for potential clients to assess which bank had the right offer for them,” explains Remco Immink, director of Ciris Capital. “Our role is to match individual yacht financing requirements to the right bank. The Global Marine Lending Network, consisting of numerous partners in Australia, the US and Europe, has allowed us to structure many transactions in a way which suits both the clients’ and the banks’ requirements. Ciris Capital will pursue this winning formula by continuing to seek partners with local knowledge and networks, and matching them with international suppliers.”

Ciris Capital has also been instrumental in selecting the right bank for the needs of its existing network of yacht industry professionals, such as yards, brokers, designers, suppliers, dealers and importers. “Our involvement frequently represents the difference between a deal going through or not,” Remco Immink underlines.” We intend to continue building on our expertise and the confidence of our clients to provide them with even better solutions in the future.”

Meanwhile, Ciris Capital has finalised its plans to participate in BOOT Düsseldorf from 20 to 28 January 2007. A dedicated crew present at the exhibition will inform customers about the latest evolutions in yacht financing and ownership structures, and about the added value it provides.



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