Global Satellite USA announces digital voice and data solutions

Global Satellite USA has announced the launch of the first digital voice and data solution that has been customized for a boat. For the first time, one can have a digital system that integrates with a satellite phone, a BGAN or Fleetbroadband system, SatCollect, internet, wireless and GSM in one solution.

Martin Fierstone, CEO & Founder of Global Satellite USA, comments, “The applications are endless, but with our Satellite IP PBX you really could run your business from the boat. Megayachts can now benefit from unlimited extensions, conference calls, run a satellite phone and a GSM phone and have high speed internet with multiple users. What’s exciting is that this product is so competitively priced that it compares favorably with an analogue system. The future is digital – so we made a system to encourage boat owners to switch without feeling the financial pain”.

This unified communication system brings several unique advantages. Firstly, Global Satellite USA deploys a category 5 cable that provides voice, data and power which substantially reduces the amount of cable and weight on the boat. This has a huge impact not only on new found space, but also cable management is now much easier to control. Secondly, should the system default in anyway, remote diagnostic is possible and a replacement part or identifying the source of the problem is easy identifiable via the Internet.

The Global Satellite USA IP PBX has based its system using the award-winning CISCO Router, 1800 Series. This new platform delivers unified communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and small branch offices, enabling anytime, anywhere secure access to information. Through integration of voice gateway, call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, conferencing, transcoding, and security capabilities, this Integrated Services Router delivers a complete unified communications solution. Global Satellite USA has used their engineering skills to use Cisco’s technology and integrated it with satellite so that it can be deployed on boats.

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