Global Satellite USA launches DSTAR Maritime Broadband Service

Global Satellite USA, one of the longest established satellite communications providers for the marine, military and broadcasting industries, has just announced its partnership agreement with AGC Marine, a French marine telecom distributor to provide DSTAR maritime broadband in the US.

This service will enable on and off-shore high speed Internet access faster than ADSL for business and leisure purposes for unlimited usage on monthly or annual contracts on a shared or dedicated bandwidth.

By installing a [email protected] modem and an antenna fishing fleets, merchant and government vessels, cruise ships, ferries and yachts can now enjoy email, e-fax, voice, data transmission, video conferencing, video-on-demand and telemedicine without running up huge bills. This solution is ideal for commercial boats who want to provide high-speed internet for their customers and keep track of their expenses. Global Satellite USA CEO, Martin Fierstone, comments, “This strategic partnership between Global Satellite USA and AGC Marine will enable us to have stronger relationships with prospects in the South of France and across Eastern Europe as well as supplying a unique service to our customers in the States”.

Fierstone continues, "Once customers come on board with Global Satellite USA, they will want to increase their savings still further with SatCollect, our very own customized on-line billing service. With SatCollect, customers can use one number anywhere in world, and pay a local rate for long distance calls. SatCollect provides real-time billing, activity reports and can integrate all satellite related services on to one bill”.

The Eutelsat broadband facility is available as a multi-regional service. Customers can choose from: USA/Caribbean, Mediterranean/Europe/Top Half of Red Sea, Gulf Region, Maldives, India, Asia or Australia.

So if you are looking for a cost effective and flexible broadband service either for on or off shore, check out D-Star broadband from Global Satellite USA – and start saving money on your satellite communications.



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