Global Satellite USA unveils the SAT 201

Global Satellite USA, one of the leading providers of satellite communications for the yachting industry, will unveil at National Harbor, the SAT 201 D+ terminal that provides global satellite tracking to safeguard personnel, fleets, cargo, fixed or mobile assets using Satamatics technology. This second generation satellite terminal integrates the modem and antenna into a small, single piece computer unit making installation and integration a simple procedure.

Commenting on this new device, Global Satellite USA CEO Martin Fierstone says, โ€œThe SAT 201 is the perfect little device that provides navigation, messaging and Internet based tracking for sailboats and yacht racing. Onboard sensors that detect theft and unauthorized entry can be reported using the SAT 201. A report can be sent to your cell phone immediately if there is a change in status.

With the IMO and national governments imposing rules and regulations on commercial maritime operators in international and national waters, the SAT 201 can also be used to integrate Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) and Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). The SAT 201 provides the answer to reliable and cost effective monitoring and reporting for both these systems.

The SAT 201 terminal comprises of a control, modem, battery (optional), antenna and interface functionality all housed in a single-piece design. There are four Input/Output interfaces, a serial interface connection and an integral GPS with data logger. The SAT 201 is robust and rugged for the most extreme environments. It can withstand temperatures between -40ยบC to + 70ยบC degrees and the antenna has a 0 look angle for easy maritime operation during chopping waters.



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