GO2 now available to purchase in Europe through ECOsuperyacht

The much talked about fuel additive GO2™ is now available to purchase through ECOsuperyacht, the sole distributer for the European yachting market. GO2 is a nano-particle based combustion catalyst that reduces fuel consumption by 8% to 13% while dramatically reducing harmful emissions and soot.

Customers can order GO2 on line at www.ecosuperyacht.com or else by calling the GO2 Sales and Technical Hotline on +44 33 33 447 111. Once an order has been placed, ECOsuperyacht will dispatch it from their UK, Gibraltar or Palma de Mallorca warehouses to anywhere in Europe within 72 hours of receipt of payment.

For yachts seeking regular supplies of GO2, ECOsuperyacht can offer a supply agreement to ensure that the risk of running low on GO2 during the season is minimized.

One very interesting addition to the ECOsuperyacht website is the ability to calculate the potential annual cost savings that owners can look forward to from using GO2.

Further to this, Richard Franklin, Managing Director of ECOsuperyacht has put together a fascinating appraisal using attendance data from last year’s Antigua Charter Show to illustrate just how massive the savings could be. “Over 100 yachts attended the show last year and we estimate that in total they travelled approximately 240,000 nm to get to the show. In doing so, we estimate that they used 9.25 million litres of fuel in aggregate. That would have cost them about €7 million at current tax free prices. Using GO2 would have allowed them collectively to save between 740,000 litres and 1.2 million litres of fuel, as well as avoiding around 3,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and dramatically reducing the soot deposits that need to be cleaned off before the show opens” stated Franklin.

The 25 largest yachts of over 45m in length packing passage to the Caribbean from Europe and back could saved themselves between 700,000 litres and one million litres of fuel by using GO2, enjoying an average saving of 30,000 litres on a round trip, worth €22,500 per boat at current tax free fuel prices. And of course if their fuel is bought at duty paid prices, then the financial savings are even bigger.” added Franklin.

Richard Franklin continued "with high fuel prices and a global push for more environmentally friendly marine practices, yacht owners are searching for ways to reduce their fuel bills and cut their yacht's carbon footprint whilst extending their yacht’s range and avoiding soot problems. With GO2, we see a product that can accomplish all of these goals”.

Richard Franklin
+34 971 577986
[email protected]



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