Green Voyager, a unique 45m superyacht

Green Voyager is a unique 45m motor yacht commencing build in late 2009. It was designed for the Owner who seeks a low impact motor yacht to cruise the globe, one who wants to do so responsibly but doesn’t want to compromise on luxury and comfort.

Green Star Plus
The foundation of Green Voyager’s lowered impact is compliance with RINA’s Green Star Plus Class notation. This means the yacht will significantly exceed the requirements of MARPOL. Kingship intends to achieve the highest Platinum level of Green Star Plus and even in some areas to exceed it. This means Kinships’ engineers and designer Axis Designs of Viareggio are concentrating on increasing efficiency in every area. Solutions will include heat reflecting glass, high efficiency insulation, heat recovery, heat pump calorifiers, gas treatment, ultra efficient props, bio lubes and fuels environmental operations manuals and much, much more.

The aim is to reduce the power demand by an average of 20% compared to a conventional yacht of the same size and to go even lower at night. The hull efficiency is helped by a waterline length a mere 50cm shorter than the yacht itself, tank testing is underway now to refine it further. Through intense load R & D sizes will be optimized so machines run at their most efficient load with smallest fuel burn. Efficiency rewards the owner twice; once for protecting the environment and then in operational cost savings. Green Voyager will be the first yacht in the world under 50m built to Green Star Plus. She will be under 500gt.

Three types of Propulsion
Green Voyager will be offered with three different propulsion and generating packages Conventional will use conventional generator and main engines but of a smaller size than a conventional yacht. Semi-Hybrid uses conventional propulsion but has high tech battery banks and power management to allow overnight silent operation of hotel loads Full Hybrid is Semi Hybrid but adds shaft generators as in the Siemens SIShip system to allow silent running on batteries, running hotel loads from shaft generators underway a total mix and match of power sources.

Green Voyager Style
Green Voyager is unremittingly contemporary with a nod to retro in her near plumb bow. Beneath a yacht styled skin lies a tough steel and alu exploration yacht fit to cruise the most remote areas on the planet. The key to the exterior is light, glass and connection with the interior. The sun deck caters for sun lovers and for the sun-shy closing sophisticated automated blinds offers cool shade that can – using sail like soft awnings - extend over most of the deck. Alfresco dining is on the bridge deck with lounging areas aft on the main deck. Green voyager has forward loungers arranged in a round intimate, sociable format; another rarity on a 45m yacht.

Owners today seek to experience the environment in which they cruise; they wish to connect rather than be isolated from it – Green voyager brings this desire to reality. The sky lounge, lower deck salon and dining open by glass sliding doors to allow the tropic breezes in and the salon bulwarks fold down to enhance sightlines as provide a balcony. The full beam master stateroom is opened through the adjacent area - an office, study or gym - to a massive drop down balcony of some 4.5 sq. meter. This automatically deploys at the touch of a button

Kingship of course welcomes clients bringing their own designer or stylist but also propose an in house interior design for those that may not. Green voyager’s interior feels is a relaxed tropical beach house a retreat a spa. Much use is made of sustainable material such as bamboo and exotic natural fabrics accessorized by objects from the tropic zones the yacht will visit. Whether Bali, Vanuatu, a deserted pacific atoll or a Greenland Fjord the yacht will harmonize visually as well as environmentally with the anchorage in which she lays.

As with all Kingship yacht, she will be built to full MCA compliance and - another Kingship first to RINA - rather than LR classification. RINA was chosen as they are well suited to the rapid development and unique nature of the Green Voyager concept. She will carry a RINA Eco-Passport in addition to Green Star Plus notation. Those will ensure that she can – unlike many others - visit the Special Sea Areas - some of the most sensitive areas on the planet -confident she leaves noting behind but her wake a takes way only the finest memories. A Seakeepers monitoring unit will be standard fit.

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