Green Yachts' 40m Sussurro sailing yacht concept

Written by Charl van Rooy

Italian design studio Green Yachts have shared their latest sailing yacht creation with us. The 40 metre Sussurro is designed as a high performance cruiser suited to both bluewater racing and comfortable short handed sailing. The studio, predominantly known for their motor yacht concepts, have worked on sailing yacht designs before such as the proposed restyling of Wally’s 94 Sensei.

The yacht is designed with the practicalities of true sailing in mind but also perfectly setup for charter and guest use. The raised foredeck provides an ideal platform from which to enjoy the surrounding views and leaves the sunken cockpit as a safe zone during maneuvers and rough conditions. The raised foredeck at the same time creates added interior space throughout the guest accommodation areas below deck.

The interior has been kept in a minimalistic style further adding to the functionality of the yacht at sea. A total of six guest and six crew members are accommodated for throughout Sussurro.



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