Grenada - De Savary is here to stay

Chairman of Savvy Grenada Peter de Savary says he is concerned about rumours circulating about him leaving Grenada. Mr. de Savary says he has heard this sentiment being expressed and believes that it is necessary for him to speak directly on this issue.

"We are in Grenada to stay," Mr. de Savary remarked. "I have consistently said that Grenada would be my most challenging and most fulfilling project. So far it has been even more meaningful than I thought. Our projects in Grenada are going extremely well and we will be here to ensure that they continue to be successful. I want to compliment my team in Grenada, the many contractors and other service providers that I have hired as well as the entire Grenadian population for their commitment to this project. The Grenadian public has shown an unparalleled interest in our projects here. They have been critical when they needed to be but have been generally supportive," Mr. de Savary said.

Commenting on where he thought the rumours were circulating from Mr. de Savary had this to say. "We have always developed by getting the best in the industry to partner with us. In the Bahamas we partnered with Ritz Carlton for example. This sometimes causes some level of confusion because people hear of property being bought or managed by other companies," Mr. de Savary explained. "In Grenada we are partnering with the world's best marina development company, Camper and Nicholsons to develop the Port Louis marina. We will be partnering with and bringing in many other industry leaders to work with us on our projects and my team is working diligently right now to bring these to fruition. I'm heavily invested in Grenada, both financially and personally, my team is on the ground and we hope to play a major part in the development and growth of the island for some time to come."



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