Griffin Global Group forms Griffin Yacht Services

Griffin Global Group, specialist in marine and offshore travel, is expanding its Superyacht offering with a dedicated yacht division, Griffin Yacht Services. The new division will build on Griffin’s 34 international offices and over 40 years’ experience managing the unique travel requirements of organisations and personnel in the marine, offshore and cruise industries.

“It’s a natural fit for our team of marine travel specialists,” said Griffin’s SVP of Commercial Development, Pieter Rieder. “We’re pleased to be a part of an exciting industry that’s not only expanding but also developing to the point where it needs more of the advanced support services now common in other parts of the marine industry.”

Already managing the travel needs of hundreds of individual yacht crew and working with some of the world's largest Yacht Management companies, Griffin has customised its globally sourced fares and 24 hour travel operations to service Superyachts, their crew, managers, suppliers and owners by recognising the sometimes not-so-subtle differences between the needs of yacht crew and their commercial colleagues.

“Many yacht crew and suppliers may not realise they can qualify for the savings, flexibility and additional baggage allowances of marine fares,” said Wally Kelm, Griffin’s VP of Product Development for Yacht Services, who personally brings 30+ years’ experience in the airline and yacht travel industries. “My job is not only to let the Superyacht industry know that Griffin understands Superyachts but also to help make sure that every part of Griffin stays current with those unique needs.”

Griffin’s business model is unique in the industry. Owned by eight employee shareholders, all Griffin offices are either wholly owned or Griffin-managed joint ventures ensuring the same standards of service and reliability, worldwide, 24/7.

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