GRP Laminates unveils sub-surface MSV explorer

GRP Laminates have announced the launch of a unique new concept for the marine leisure and commercial market; the superb MSV Explorer sub-surface viewing craft and its versatile support catamaran, featuring a unique lifting mechanism. GRP Laminates is now licensed to build the revolutionary MSV Explorer, a radical new self-propelled, sub-surface viewing pod, together with a 13-metre launch and recovery catamaran.

This unique new system offers safe, dry access, to the underwater world for a full range of leisure and commercial purposes. No specialist dive training is required to use the Explorer, which offers a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea environment and can accommodate up to four people at a time (two above the waterline and two positioned 1.2 metres beneath the surface). It can be rapidly deployed thanks to the SP02 catamaran, which offers long range, shallow draft, high speed and comfortable seating for 12 passengers plus crew, with space for additional scientific, broadcast or leisure equipment on board.

Both the MSV Explorer and the SP02 lifting catamaran are built in the UK, to the high standards you would expect from a world-class marine manufacturer. GRP Laminates has a reputation for craftsmanship and enjoys the confidence clients including the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

The MSV Explorer adds a whole new dimension to the world of marine leisure and soft adventure. It enables families and friends to explore the underwater environment together, in a quiet and non-intrusive vessel that is electrically propelled to reduce its impact on marine ecosystems. No special qualifications are required to drive the highly maneuverable MSV Explorer, which can be easily controlled by single or dual joystick, or remotely controlled from the launch and recovery catamaran. It has an all-day operating capacity (7.5 hours operation at full speed) allowing for a full working day underwater, and a truly unique experience for users.

The SP02 catamaran provides a safe and stable platform for the launch and recovery of the MSV Explorer in any location. A choice of inboard/outboard and jet propulsion packages is available to suit the client’s requirements for speed, cost, maneuverability and range.

The unique lifting system on the catamaran was originally designed to help with the rescue of stranded marine mammals.

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