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Guidelines to getting your news published on SuperYacht Times


At SYT, we receive loads of emails from companies pitching their news to us. We have to be highly selective about what we decide to publish. To make it easier, we have compiled a short list of do’s and don’ts.


- Use our correct email address. For news, it is, Easy. This address is monitored just about 24x7, so this is the best way to reach us.
- Send us a well written, proper news release, with all the information included. For example, if you would like your latest superyacht design project published, then don’t forget to include the design. Then again, don’t just send us a design or photo, without any background information. It won’t help your news getting published any time soon.
- Make sure your news is newsworthy to our target audience, which are people who love to read about superyachts. Owners, builders, designers, brokers, you name it.
- Personalize your news: Receiving an email that says “Dear reader” that is clearly sent to a huge BCC list is quite a turn off. Make it clear that you actually read SYT and know about the topics we cover.
- Send us your superyacht photos from around the world. We’d be happy to publish them for you!
- Remind us if you have not heard back from us. Your email might have landed in our Spam filter.


- Don’t send us your news last. If you’d like to share your news on SYT, we’d like to know about it beforehand, not after it has already been covered by a half dozen other sites.
- Don't try to sell anything. Your news release should be something newsworthy that affects our audience. Don't use it as a vehicle to sell something. That's what the advertising department is for.
- Don’t USE CAPS LOCK in your subject title. Our spam filter will move it straight to the trash.
- Don’t ask us to publish an article, only to ask us to remove it after it’s been published, because you changed your mind.
- Having to ask you for high resolution images takes time. So include at least one or two in your email, instead of closing your email with “please email me for photos”.
- Anyone can design a yacht. But that doesn’t mean it will meet our standards to be published. Don’t get mad at us when we decide not to publish it.

Come on!

- We are not a crew agency, and although we enjoy reading all of your CV’s and going through your photos on Facebook, we won’t be hiring you as our next engineer, or stewardess.
- We are always looking for new people to join our team. However, if you send us your CV in an email with dozens of our competitors in the cc, it will go straight into the trash.
- Send us your news in English. It sounds logical, but you should see the amount of emails we get in foreign languages.
- Translating websites such as Babelfish are great, but don’t use them to create your news release. If your English isn’t great, just ask someone else to translate it for you. A badly translated press release will not help your chances of getting it published.

Bottom line: You’re busy, we’re busy. Let’s make both our lives easier :-)